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Meetings and Elections

All Town of Durand Meetings and Elections are held at the Riverview Community and Senior Center, located at 606 W Madison St, Durand WI 54736. Notice and agendas for the meetings can be found on this website, or the Courier Wedge publication.

Public Testing: Monday August 12th, 2024 at 6pm

Election Day: Tuesday August 13th, 2024

Upcoming Meeting:  

* Monday July 8th, 2024 at 6pm

Regular Monthly Meeting 

at the Riverview Community Center

* Monday July 8th, 2024 following regular meeting 

Plan Commission Meeting 

at the Riverview Community Center 

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Water Quality

At the April 17, 2018 Annual Meeting, the Electors for the Town of Durand passed Resolution 2018-01, Resolution to Promote the Composting of Liquid Manure. The resolution requests that the Pepin County Board of Supervisors encourage, promote, and endorse the composting of liquid manure in an effort to arrest the leaching of nitrates to our groundwater, thereby protecting the health and general welfare of the residents of Pepin County.

 If you would like more information as to how you can help the quality of our groundwater by composting liquid manure, this article from SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) provides a breakdown of many questions you may have regarding the cost, benefits, and process. 


Please notify the Pepin County Sheriffs Department of your intention to burn. Provide a contact name and phone number of the person(s) to contact in case the fire appears to be out of control. Make your call prior to starting the fire: Pepin County Sheriffs Dept- 715-672-5944. Only clean, untreated wood, and clean paper products may be burned. Burning of plastic, garbage, asphalt, treated or painted woods, rubber or oily substances are prohibited. Do not burn if the wind is stronger than 8 miles per hour or if the weather forecast indicates the wind will increase during the time you burn.

         Property owners are responsible for damages and Fire Department costs if your fire gets away.

Plowing and Sanding

The Town of Durand does not bill for private sanding and plowing services or sand purchased from the Pepin County Highway Department. Sand may be purchased from Wabasha Sand, Gravel & Ready Mix, Inc. 905 Church Avenue, Wabasha MN. 

Phone: 651-565-3610 

Pepin County Recycling and Solid Waste

For updates on the recycling program and events, 'like' the Pepin County Land Conservation and Planning Facebook page, or visit : www.co.pepin.wi.us/recycling.

Thank you for recycling!

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